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Autumn Statement Bingo - 23 November 12:30pm

Let's face facts - the Autumn Statement, while important, is extraordinarily boring. Well not anymore...

Download you bingo card here

Download your bingo card here

What do we do when we have to do something which is so boring you risk falling into a coma? Why you play a game of course! The Autumn statement is important but the actual speech is bound to be full of amateur dramatics, cheesy one-liners and, if we’re lucky, some cheap shots at the opposition benches. Most of what the Chancellor will say is fairly predictable, so here’s a bingo game to guide you through!

Listen to the Chancellor carefully (or not, whatever) and see how many of these things he says or does. Mark them off as you go along. What’s the aim? well there isn’t one. You win if you manage to stay awake throughout the statement. Tweet us @DSC_Charity

You can get the Chancellor’s speech here on 23 November starting at 12:30. Don’t be late!