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In the news last week,

  • the Charity Commission issues surprise guidance on litigation
  • the impact of counter-terrorism legislation on charities is being examined
  • and the huge positive impact of of the ice-bucket challenge is revealed


Did you miss the news last week? Find it here:

  • The Fundraising Regulator’s consultation on registration fees and levies gets a cold reception
  • The Association of Chairs calls for charities to do more to support trustees
  • And the Minister for Civil Society announces a Local Charities Day.


  • The new PM announces a load of ministerial appointments with big changes for charities
  • The Charity Commission is accused of undermining public trust in charities, and their rebanding gets a cold reception

  • Unexpectedly the UK voted to leave the EU, now what do we do?
  • Trust and confidence in charities appears to have dropped but what can be done?
  • Amid a torrent of Labour resignations, who’s our shadow minister now>


  • The Charities Minister decided grants are not a waste of time and money after all
  • Report finds charities are operating in an ‘awareness vacuum’
  • Facebook announces plans to introduce a donate button
  • Charities minister Rob Wilson MP attacks the ‘inefficiency’ of grant funding
  • It was announced that the new Fundraising Regulator will launch in July
  • New research shows that charity employees are happier than their private sector counterparts


  • Charities minister Rob Wilson MP attacks the ‘inefficiency’ of grant funding
  • Lots of stuff going on at the Charity Commission
  • the benefits of on-street, dog-to-face fundraising



  • The Queen’s Speech
  • Increasing demand on the services of small charities
  • The Charity Commission’s plans to charge charities for regulation

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