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Teaser - Turn it all upside down at Fundraising Fair

Taking place on 19 - 20 November we've got tons of workshops to benefit your fundraising practices. You'll also get the chance to meet and network with other professionals in the sector.

H I’m Gill Jolly,

I’m one of the presenters at Fundraising Fair on 19-20 November; there’s so many things you can do on one or both days. There are lots of taster sessions that give you lots of inspiration, ideas and real encouragement to start in a new area in fundraising, or get hints and tips in an area you already work in.

Check out the full workshop and programme details here now.

Learning from your fundraising colleagues

The networking can be just as valuable, so rather than doing it by yourself, you get the benefit of sharing ideas with others there too. The more formal and practical sessions will give you hints and tips as well as advice and guidance. It’s the best of both worlds.

The essentials of the donor journey

One of the sessions I will be running is ‘The Essentials of the Donor Journey’. This workshop really inspires people to think about what their donors need out of a relationship with a charity. We will look it at it in two different lights; the first of which being how to maximise the relationship without loving them to death! (See here for How to Love your Donors…To Death!).

Inspiration for fundraisers

We’ll also cover suggestions on how to inspire fundraisers and how to gain a better understanding of what your donors really want, which in turn can get you more money.

Proposal writing

So many people write proposals but they’re not actually getting the money. This masterclass will allow you to gain tips to get your proposals to stand out from the others and grab the funder’s attention.

Upside down

One of the things we do in this workshop is turn everything upside down. This is because some people start their proposals in a very mundane and quite frankly, boring, manner This then fails to get the funder to feel for your cause; people should want to support you, get them to feel it in their heart as well as their head. Why should they support your proposal?

Come along to Fundraising Fair on 19-20 November and hear Kathy Roddy speak about proposal writing.

Then after Fundraising Fair, take a closer look and go on the full day course with Gill Jolly.