Great Grant Making Series: arts and culture funding

Find out if you could benefit from funding from the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation, a grant-making charity providing arts and culture funding and supporting related projects across these sectors.

With decreasing levels of funding and the uncertainty of a fluctuating climate, searching for funding within the arts, culture and heritage sectors can be a daunting prospect. Here to bring a little cheer, we’re highlighting the wonderful work and focussed dedication of The Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation in providing arts and culture funding for an often overlooked sector.

Who are they?

The Foundation was started by Andrew Lloyd Webber in 1992. Since 2010, the ALW Foundation has awarded nearly £14 million to projects focussing on the enhancement of arts education, improving access and increasing diversity across the sector.  As well as providing Musical Theatre scholarships and supporting projects through The Architectural Heritage Fund, they welcome applications from projects in the areas of culture, heritage and the arts.

Case Study: Finding Rhythms project

 In July 2016, the ALW Foundation announced a grant of £30,000 over three years to support Finding Rhythms music in prisons project. The project engages young prisoners from three prisons across the UK with music to promote new patterns of behaviour and engender a generation of prisoners less likely to reoffend. The intensive course aims to inspire long term behaviour change to allow for a more seamless and crime-free transition upon release. Additionally, a temporary studio will be established within the prison to allow participants to create a professionally produced album of new music and communicate difficult messages to their families and the outside world.


Fundraising tip

 As always, ensure that you have researched thoroughly on the website, paying particular attention to the FAQs.

As indicated by Sarah Miller, Charity Executive at the ALW Foundation, it is rare for the Foundation to be the sole source of finance, so you’re best demonstrating some financial security and showing that you’ve already got significant funding in place for your project. Additionally, trustees prefer to give smaller grants to a larger number of organisations in order to positively impact a wider section of the public.