Fundraising Now 2019 - session presentations

Thanks for attending this year’s Fundraising Now conference.

You can download the session presentations via the links below.


Conference Programme



W01 – Fundraising regulation & the new Code of Fundraising Practice (Priya Warner)

W02 – The new fundraisers’ survival guide (Leesa Harwood)

W03 – Emotional resilience in fundraising (Eileen Browne)

W04 – The grants process (Katie Rabone)

W05 – The power of storytelling (James Dawe)

12.00 – 13.30

W06 – Why fundraisers should care about safeguarding (Cathy Johnson & Peter Wright)

W07 – What does it take to create a good fundraising strategy ( Leesa Harwood)

W08 – What the fundraising (WTF!). Trends & strategies in major giving (Rachel Stephenson Sheff)

W08 – What the fundraising (WTF!). Trends & strategies in major giving (Rachel Stephenson Sheff) (handout)

W09 – Proposal Writing (Katie Rabone)

W10 – Digital fundraising 101 (Sarah Crowhurst)

14.30 – 16.00

W11 – The world of IG: New channels, same principles (Kathryn Holloway & Alex Aggidis)

W12 – Fundraising trickery – The little nudges to boost your fundraising (Simon Scriver)(COMING SOON)

W13 – Cultivating & launching successful corporate partnerships (Rachel Stephenson Sheff)

W14 – Copywriting skills (Paul Brollo)

W15 – The most powerful story a charity can tell (Stephen Follows)

16.15 – 17.15

W17 – Building your personal brand – Getting noticed and advancing your career (Simon Scriver)(COMING SOON)

W18 – Leading in challenging times (John Baguely)

W19 – You can’t go back to yesterday (Eileen Browne)

W20 – Digital fundraising strategy (James Gadsby Peet)




T02 – Fundraising strategies (Kathy Roddy)

T03 – The essentials of individual giving (Nick Day)

T04 – It’s all about the fundraising strategy? (Lianne Howard-Dace)

T05 – Tools and techniques for creative problem solving (Cathy Shimmin)

12.00 – 13.30

T06 – Commercial participation (Jane Montague)

T08 – Creating an integrated marketing campaign (Nick Day)

T09 – Impact measurement for small charities (Graeme Reekie)

T10 – Living our values (Eileen Browne)

14.30 – 16.00

T11 – Paradoxes, principles and challenges of organisational sustainability (Graeme Reekie)

T12 – Essential fundraising principles (Kathy Roddy)

T13 – Successful fundraising with direct mail & email marketing (Nick Day)

T15 – Emotional resilience in fundraising (Eileen Browne)

16.15 – 17.15

T16 – Ethical policy (Jane Montague)

T18 – Community giving (Kathy Roddy)

T19 – Top tips for presenting with impact (Cathy Shimmin)(handout)

T20 – You can’t go back to yesterday (Eileen Browne)