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Volunteer management: The volunteer is always right? Wrong!

Dealing with problem behaviour remains a common issue when it comes to working with volunteers. There can be all sorts of causes for this.

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Charity finance: Ten points about preventing charity fraud

Kate Sayer gives you ten top guidance tips on preventing fraud.

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Charity Development: Risk Management Processes

Many charities brought in risk management processes following SORP 2000, but haven't really changed the way they report and manage risks since. Here are some of the things we hear from trustees and charity staff, and some thoughts on how to refresh your processes...

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Charity campaigning and lobbying: Who'd be a goalkeeper?

You know the score. Campaigners are the goalkeepers of civil society. We get kicked when we’re down and blamed for every defeat; we go from heroes to zeros and back again in the blink of a mud-clogged eye. We’re essential to every team but also stand a little outside of them too.

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Fundraising - How to be more appealing

I read appeal copy all the time. I don’t write it, that’s a skilled job. I don’t even interfere with others’ copy, beyond correcting typos, because it breaks the flow of the words and rapidly comes to look like the camel – a horse designed by a committee of people with different ideas.

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Charity Commission surrounded and under heavy fire

'The long-anticipated report from the National Audit Office on the Commission’s regulatory effectiveness is the latest high-explosive attack.'

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Through a Glass Darkly

400 companies giving £658 million...The Guide to UK Company Giving 2015/16 is published on Monday 27 April 2015. Our researchers look at some of the facts and figures they found when writing this must-have guide.

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Personal development - What is 'Brand You'?

Would you be able to describe your brand (that is - who you are and what you are about) to a future employer or a new client? If you don’t know who you are and how you want to be seen how can others make the right assessment of you?

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I'm usually a fan of the Charity Commission, but...

Debra Allcock Tyler has the last word on the Charity Commission.

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What's your problem?

'Sometimes individuals and organisations fail to make progress because the problem that they think they have is not really the problem at all - they are ‘barking up the wrong tree’...

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Effective Fundraising

Effective Fundraising

Does your fundraising target sometimes feel like an unassailable mountain? Not sure where to start? Whether you're new to fundraising, or simply need to refocus and gather some fresh ideas, this straightforward companion is for you.

Effective Fundraising

The Guide to New Trusts 2015/16

The Guide to New Trusts 2015/16

Available from 02/06/15 Available for pre order now. You no longer need to keep a keen eye out for new trusts giving money away to charities like yours. This annual guide tracks new grant-makers established each year, and offers their details to you in an easy to digest format.

The Guide to New Trusts 2015/16

The Guide to UK Company Giving 2015/16 - Out now

The Guide to UK Company Giving 2015/16 - Out now

‘The quality and reliability of analysis put this directory head and shoulders above comparable publications. An invaluable resource for both researcher and fundraiser alike.’ Stephen Brammer, Professor of Strategy, Birmingham Business School

The Guide to UK Company Giving 2015/16 - Out now

Voluntary sector training courses and publications

Browse our books, training courses and conferences for the charity and voluntary sector. We do not directly provide funding; we provide information on those who do via our funding websites and publications.

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