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Charity Law - Top five tips for considering collaborations

All collaborations between charities and NGOs will vary in some way, but there are certain common themes that are helpful to consider when contemplating collaborations or mergers. This article sets out my top five tips to bear in mind when thinking about collaboration.

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Fundraising - How to be more appealing

I read appeal copy all the time. I donít write it, thatís a skilled job. I donít even interfere with othersí copy, beyond correcting typos, because it breaks the flow of the words and rapidly comes to look like the camel Ė a horse designed by a committee of people with different ideas.

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Charity Sector Tips on Strategic HR in Difficult Times

The golden rule of good change is communicate often and be honest about the environment and context of the changes; the need and the risk.

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Shock tactics in charity campaigns

There's been a growing trend in the usage of 'shock' tactics in charity campaigns in the last decade, but has that given the best results for charities?...

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Last Word February 2015

The concept of sustainability makes me nauseous, like marzipan on a cake.

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Partnerships, apprenticeships and scholarships: some recent trends affecting educational grant-making charities

For the 13th edition of DSCís Guide to Educational Grants, published this month, we researched almost 1,500 grant-making charities that give grants to individuals for educational purposes.

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Four things you need to know about Pay and Recruitment in 2015

Gill Taylor lists four facts for 2015 on pay and recruitment.

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The Charity Treasurer's Handbook

The Charity Treasurer's Handbook

This handbook gives you a vital overview of the key principles for virtually all the main issues in charity accounting and finance in a short, and clear format. This 4th Edition has been updated from the 3rd to include the numerous changes such as: Charities Act 2011, the two new Charities SORPs taking effect from 2015, accounting for CIOs, the new focus on public benefit, revised accounting thresholds for Scottish charities, interim charity reporting in northern Ireland, substantial changes to Gift Aid and the new VAT rules on shared services.

The Charity Treasurer's Handbook

How to Love Your Donors (To Death)

How to Love Your Donors (To Death)

In this uncompromising book, author and world renowned public speaker, Stephen Pidgeon, bemoans the madness of poor donor stewardship that besets the charitable sector.

How to Love Your Donors (To Death)

Voluntary sector training courses and publications

Browse our books, training courses and conferences for the charity and voluntary sector. We do not directly provide funding; we provide information on those who do via our funding websites and publications.

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