About us

We've been making charities stronger for over 40 years - We exist to help you help others. Find out more below.

We’re a fully remote working organisation (having moved out of our former London office in December 2020 and our unused Liverpool office in September 2023).

Our registered/ public office address is Directory of Social Change, First floor, 10 Queen Street Place, London, EC4R 1BE. Please note this is not an operational office, so you can’t sadly come to visit us. But you can still post things if you need to, and we will receive them. The quickest way to get in touch still is by emailing our friendly team at [email protected].

But of course, we all look forward to seeing you perhaps on one of our online courses or conferences, free Funds Online webinars, face-to-face In-House training, or maybe out at an event where our CEO Debra is speaking, or where we are exhibiting – there’s still plenty of chances for us to see you 😊.

We’re still very much here, as always, ready to help you help others.

So you’re named after a book?!

That’s right. It all started over 45 years ago at a kitchen table in Maida Vale, London, where Michael Norton our founder sat down to research and write ‘The Directory of Social Change’. A directory, the first of its kind, full of ideas, information and contacts for those wanting to explore alternatives for creating better communities and a better society.

And then what?

Four directories were published on community, education, housing and women. In 1977, Michael organised his first fundraising training and started publishing practical information on fundraising, marketing, management and legal issues for charities.

In 1984, looking for a more sustainable source of income, Michael created the first “Guide to Company Giving” and then asked Luke FitzHerbert to create a “Guide to the Major Trusts”.

This was how the Directory of Social Change started, adopting the principles of social enterprise in structuring how it operated and was funded.

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Helping you to help others?

DSC has helped make tens of thousands of charities stronger since our Maida Vale moment, and we continue to help you today. Debra Allcock Tyler, our present day leader, possesses a similar drive, gusto and passion to Michael.

We’re all here for you. Every single member of our team works for DSC because we have a passion for what you do, the incredible changes you make for others in the world every day.

But what do you do?

Put simply, we provide training courses, publications, online funding databases, research, conferences, and lots of free resources on our website such as top tips and best-practice articles. If you work for a charity we aim to support you in everything you do.

We’re also fighting your corner through our policy activities – working hard to make the UK a better environment for charities to thrive in and help those you’re there for.

Get a feel…

…for what we do by browsing the different topic headings in the menus at the top of this page. And sign up for DSC e-news  for the very latest in charity top tips, advice, new books and training, funding news, commentary, special offers and free stuff.


We’re a charity ourselves

Every penny from our products and services goes to creating and supporting those products and developing more, as well as our other work supporting tens of thousands of charities across the UK every year. We need to be sustainable and high quality stuff is hard to do for free.

If you’ve got a lower budget you can still access tons of help and advice on our website blog, and you can; attend our free topical DSC Zoom Talks, access some of our books for free from your local library, or do what a lot of people do – ask your funder or umbrella/membership body to talk to us about how we could work together to get you the support you need.


Be part of changing the world for the better

Been on one of our free events, listened to our podcasts, or read our policy and campaigns articles and feeling as passionate about supporting charities as we are? Even a small donation will help us to reach and support the thousands of charities that come to us for help every year. So if you’d like to be part of changing the world for the better, give what you can, and we’ll do the rest!

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