Coping with the crisis checklists

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a whole host of new and difficult challenges for charities.

The way we carry out some of our fundamental activities has changed, at least temporarily. Some challenges are practical, like how to meet and manage staff remotely.

Some are financial like how to balance falling income with increasing demand. Many are about how and how well we communicate with our staff, volunteers and beneficiaries.

To help you to make sure you’re getting the basics right, we’ve created a series of simple Coping with the Crisis checklists, and we’ll be adding more over the coming weeks!

You can download and work through them all below:

1. Communicating with beneficiaries click here to download

2. Virtual governance click here to download

3. Reviewing your approach to fundraisingclick here to download

4. Writing winning proposals click here to download

5. Recruiting remotely click here to download

6. Delivering bad news click here to download

7. Preparing for redundancy – employersclick here to download

8. Preparing for redundancy – employees click here to download

9. Training staff remotelyclick here to download