The Charity Digital Code of Practice: Have your say!

You can help increase the charity sector's digital confidence...

Digital is fundamentally changing the way we all live and work. Across the world, more than 4 billion people now use the internet, with 3.2 billion on social media. Charities, like every other sector, need to tap into the potential offered by this. Digital skills will help charities increase their impact, efficiency and sustainability – and bring new ways to connect with and support their beneficiaries.

The Charity Digital Code of Practice has been developed to help charities make the most of these opportunities. Funded by the Co-op Foundation and Lloyds TSB Banking Group, and led by a steering committee including NAVCA, Small Charities Coalition, Turn2Us, the draft code is available to view now at 

Do it fosters digital ecosystems for civil society, schools, businesses and individuals. Offering unique, constructive and purposeful experiences, provided by partners and fellow users. Giving people the opportunity and the motivation to improve themselves and their communities, through volunteering, fundraising, education, sport, work experience and more. We exist to ensure that everyone has their own community and purpose in life.

“We often hear from small organisations worried about a lack of budget or skills to carry out digital activity,” said Zoe Amar, Chair of The Charity Digital Code of Practice Steering Group. “The new code will aim to increase the digital confidence of all charities and give practical advice about where they can make improvements in digital engagement with their beneficiaries and funders, as well as increase collaboration with other charities.”

The main consultation will be open from 3 July to 25 September 2018. You can feedback formally via the consultation on the website, or join the conversation about the code by using the hashtag #CharityDigitalCode.

You can find out more about the Charity Digital Code of Practice at Fundraising Now – 28-29 November.


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