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Brilliant charity election campaigns from around the sector

As the general election approaches, we assess some fantastic charity campaigns circulating around the sector. 

The election campaign is in full swing and charities all over the sector are using this crucial time to get their message across. With polling day set for Thursday 4 July, the next few weeks are vital for educating and influencing politicians and policymakers. I’ve seen charities do just this in a variety of ways, leading by example and creating influential campaigns on behalf of their beneficiaries.  

Our message at DSC is that charities should absolutely be campaigning during this time, however, it’s important that you’re up to date with the recent guidance and laws. This is an exciting time, but don’t just think about the next couple of weeks, think about what could come after the 4th of July.  

Here’s a round-up of some brilliant charity efforts to educate, inspire and campaign: 

Shelter campaigns to get politicians talking about the housing crisis 

Shelter has set up a page on their website where you can find out how bad the housing crisis is in your area and directly email your local candidates about it.  

All you have to do is type in your postcode and it will give you a breakdown of the number of people in temporary housing, experiencing homelessness and on the social housing waiting list in your area. 

By entering your name and address, you can then send a pre-written email to your candidates urging them to prioritise homelessness and affordable housing. 

After entering my details, this tool gave me shocking data points on the housing and homeless crisis in my constituency in Cornwall.  

This campaign will help to educate people about homelessness in their area, whilst also creating an easy way for us to influence politicians. Check it out here. 

Pro Bono Economics analyse where parties stand on civil society 

Pro Bono Economics is using this time to educate the sector on where different political parties stand on civil society. They have analysed Party manifestos for mentions of civil society and are releasing graphs to their network on X.  

They have already released an analysis of the Conservative and Liberal Democrats party manifestos, both of which display a general lack of focus on civil society. Check the graphs out below or take a look at their X account here. 

This image reads: “The UK Labour manifesto is out, and we’ve analysed it for mentions of civil society! Like in previous years, there isn’t much focus on charities, but there is a clear commitment to working in partnership with the sector.”This reads “We’ve analysed the newly released @Conservatives manifesto for mentions of civil society! They would encourage civic action through national service, but otherwise there’s limited focus on civil society.”

Refuge is helping its beneficiaries vote 

Refuge has released a new guide called ‘Your Vote Matters, Your Safety Too’ which offers information to survivors of domestic abuse on how to vote without revealing their identity. This short document breaks down the steps for registering to vote anonymously and how to opt out of the open register.  

It’s crucial that everyone can vote in the next general election, so it’s great that Refuge is doing everything they can to help survivors remain safe. If you work for a women’s safety and equality charity, this is a great guide to share with your network. Take a look at the guide here. 

Voluntary Sector Manifesto urges government to work better with civil society 

NCVO and ACEVO have put together a manifesto which sets out how the new government can work with the sector to create positive change.  

Created by members of both organisations, the manifesto sets out seven key asks to politicians and policymakers, they are: 

  1. Engage charities in policymaking 
  2. Ensure fair and sustainable partnerships 
  3. Make sure every voice is heard 
  4. Build strong and resilient communities 
  5. Place value on volunteers 
  6. Support a thriving charity sector 
  7. Make public giving easier 

Take a look at this brilliant new manifesto here and share it widely with your network. 

NCVO is also holding a hustings with representatives of political parties on Wednesday, 19 June. 

Guarantee Our Essentials 

The Trussell Trust and Joseph Rowntree Foundation have continued to mobilise the Guarantee Our Essentials campaign and are trying to get politicians and parties to ensure that Universal Credit covers the cost of basic essentials. They are asking people to email parliamentary candidates to get them to sign up for a pledge. Find out more at the Trussell Trust website. 

More charity manifestos 

We’ve seen an array of charity manifestos hit the digital stands over the past few weeks. Here’s a small selection: 

Stay tuned to DSC for more analysis and top tips  

DSC has put together a resources hub webpage which gathers all our General Election-related content and analysis, so check it periodically for the latest information. Don’t miss our own Manifesto Mashup analysis of the party manifestos coming soon! 


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