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Funds Online - the all-new funding website. Access over 8,000 funders giving a total of £8 billion! Find out more below now and subscribe today.

Debra Allcock Tyler, CEO of DSC, tells you all about the all-new Funds Online

Funds Online is the all-new website with over 8,000 funders giving a total of £8 billion.

Why subscribe to Funds Online?

Tom Traynor, Head of Research at DSC, talks you through the features and benefits of Funds Online.

Battersea Power Station Foundation: learning to date

1. Flexibility is key
Very often our grants don’t go as planned and our initiatives have benefited from changing course as required. Our best grants are the ones where all stakeholders have been surprised in some way and something unplanned has emerged that was unanticipated.

Battersea Power Station Foundation - winner of the Great Giving Funders' Award at last year's Social Change Awards - provides an insight to being a funder as well as some useful advice.

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Top 10 tips when applying for funding

Across the UK there are literally thousands of grant-makers big and small, supporting all kinds of charitable projects. As such, no matter how niche your organisation may be, it is likely that somewhere, there will be a grant-maker willing to support you. In order to ensure that you maximise your chances of securing funding, therefore, it is important to invest sufficient time in identifying those funders who will be most likely to fund your proposed project.

One of our expert researchers, Scott Mason, shares his top ten tips for completing trust funding applications.

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Funds Online press release

Charities are struggling as much as anyone with what the implications of Brexit might be. With EU funding disappearing, and the future of UK government funding uncertain, the new Funds Online website from the Directory of Social Change (DSC) aims to help charities find over £8billion in funding from 8,000 different funders.

All you need to about Funds Online from our Press Office.

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