Volunteering in 2024 and Beyond - Speakers

Your speakers for the Volunteering in 2024 and Beyond: Inspire, Engage, Celebrate - Online conference on Wednesday 22 May. More exciting announcements coming soon!

Your speakers

Rob Jackson

Director, Rob Jackson Consulting Ltd

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Rob Jackson is Director of Rob Jackson Consulting Ltd, a consultancy and training company that helps engage and inspire people to bring about change.

Rob has almost 30 years experience working in the voluntary and community sector, holding a variety of strategic development and senior management roles that have
focused on leading and engaging volunteers.

Rob has run his company since 2011 working with a wide range of clients in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the USA and Canada.

Rob is co-author of The Complete Volunteer Management Handbook (DSC, 2012 and 2019) and From The Top Down - UK Edition (Energize Inc., 2015).

Ruth Leonard

Head of Volunteering Development and Operations at Macmillan Cancer Support and Chair of the Association of Volunteer Managers

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Ruth Leonard is Chair of the UK’s Association of Volunteer Managers whose day job is Head of Volunteering Development and Operations at Macmillan Cancer Support.

For Ruth, involving volunteers is about building relationships to empower and enable people to bring creativity and ingenuity to a solution to make a difference in their community.

Her current role is to consider strategically where volunteering can add value to developing innovative solutions and to ensure a supportive infrastructure so people who want to give their time can have a quality experience.

Having been involved in volunteer management for 2 decades she has significant experience at providing leadership on involving and engaging people and is committed to ensuring others are able to develop these skills.

Co-author of a book on Volunteer Involvement - Volunteer Involvement: An Introduction to Theory and Practice, regular public speaker and partner on Vision for Volunteering, Ruth is a credible voice on volunteer management and passionate advocate for those who carry out this important role.

Chris Wade

Founder and Managing Director, Time for Impact

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Chris has an extensive career in the charity sector that spans almost 25 years.

Having held director, CEO and trustee positions in national, federated and local charities he has a very broad experience at achieving maximum impact through people and communities to help charitable causes and membership bodies.

As well as over a decade on the boards of Volunteering England and NCVO, Chris chaired the National Network of Volunteer Involving Agencies.

Chris describes the mission of Time for Impact as;

1. Unmask the Impact: We reveal the hidden ROI of Volunteering for mission driven organisations.

2. Unlock the Potential: We help organisations turn goodwill into action, increasing participation and volunteering in causes.

3. Shape the Future of Volunteering: We lead the charge in innovation and thought leadership.

Alan Murray

Head of Volunteering and Employee Engagement, RSPB

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Alan is Head of Volunteering and Employee Engagement at the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds).

The RSPB is Nature’s Voice and at the RSPB, Alan is the voice of volunteering. He has spent all his working life, already longer than he cares to remember (over 30 years), working to enthuse, inspire and enable people to put their time and talents to best use for nature and the environment.

This passion came about from being a full-time volunteer with the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers way back in 1989 – fabulous times as Alan describes them!

As Head of Volunteering and Employee Engagement for the RSPB he is the strategic lead for Volunteering and is the expert on all matters volunteering.

His role is all about making sure RSPB creates impactful volunteering opportunities that make the best use of people’s time, passion, skills, and knowledge. RSPB works to make sure people have such a wonderful time volunteering they would be happy to recommend volunteering with RSPB to a friend or family member.

The RSPB has over 14,000 regular volunteers giving a gift of time annually of over 1 million hours every year. RSPB’s volunteers undertake a wide variety of roles across all areas of the charities work.

Alan is still volunteering himself as a director of the Association of Volunteer Managers that supports, represents and champions those who work in volunteer management.

As John F Kennedy said:

“Every person can make a difference, and every person should try.”