Adapting to Change

Grants give organisations freedom to respond to changing priorities, conditions and beneficiary needs. They reduce the risk of tying organisations down into services that aren't working, and can allow organisations to redeploy resources where they are most needed.

Heather from Family Action explains why grants allow for charities to be more innovative and more flexible in how they meet needs in the community.



623162Bristol Refugee Rights

Bristol Refugee Rights addresses the practical, psychological and human rights needs of refugees and asylum seekers. In 2014 the charity was looking for funding to support its drop in centre for asylum seekers and refugees. Find out what they were able to achieve with a grant.

REFRace Equality Foundation

The Race Equality Foundation promotes race equality in social support (what families and friends do for each other) and public services (what ‘workers’ do with people who need support).

Here they talk about a great grant they received from the Department of Health which enabled them to adapt to changing circumstances.