About Bespoke Research

Research forms the foundation of evidence-based social change. DSC offers a bespoke research service which can provide custom reports for organisations in the charity sector.

DSC provides a custom research service to meet your organisation’s needs.

Research generates evidence, and evidence is crucial for really understanding the sector in which we operate. Solid evidence enables effective planning and decision making to happen; so evidence needs to come from excellent research.

DSC can produce a bespoke research project for you, which includes a professionally printed report, including data analysis and exposition, along with accompanying presentation slides.

Research projects may include:

  • Information gathering and analysis
  • Membership surveys
  • Charity sub-sector analysis
  • Data analysis and intelligence reports
  • Qualitative analysis including focus groups, interviews and content analysis
  • Project evaluation for stake-holders and service-users
  • Research to inform policy or strategy

Knowledge and expertise shutterstock_382263067

Producing effective research requires knowledge and expertise, so DSC ‘s research experts can work with your organisation to produce custom research projects. DSC offer everything from designing your project, to data collection and analysis, through to the delivery of your own bespoke report.



In 2016, DSC produced a bespoke report for the armed forces charity Combat Stress, in collaboration with The Royal British Legion.

Senior Researcher Stuart Cole and Head of Research  Tom Traynor produced an analytical overview of the UK charitable provision for mental health across UK forces charities.

DSC’s combined its extensive database with bespoke analysis to produce this unique piece of research.


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