Andrea's work placement experience

We were delighted to welcome Andrea to Liverpool, whereby he completed his first work experience placement, following his business administration and IT studies in Italy.

Andrea is a 17-year-old Italian student from Schio, a small town near Venice of around 60,000 inhabitants. He is studying business administration and IT, and will complete his final year of school in the coming year. This summer he completed a work experience placement with our Research team in Liverpool through the Erasmus+ project. He worked as part of the core team on a project and was a pleasure to have in the office. A message from Andrea is below.

By Andrea

The time has flown, it has been a month since I first entered the DSC office here in Liverpool and now I have to leave, but I can say it has been a fantastic experience.

I started without the first idea of what I would be doing and what my tasks would be. Since this has also been my first work experience, at the beginning I was very curious and excited. The first day there was a meet and greet with all my colleagues, all nice and clever people, and I saw the desk and the computer which have supported me in this adventure, and the break room where I took some coffee to wake up when I was tired. Just three days later I had to be on the other side, introducing myself to two colleagues who were visiting from the London office despite my small experience at DSC. On my second day I started immediately with the training that has been vital for my research.

Then I started my project, analysing the progress of the grant-makers in The Guide to New Trusts 4th Edition, which took me about a month to finish with all the data analysis and writing the final report; it has been very interesting and varied. After lots of coffee, breaks full of discussions about Italy and obviously football, and also a ferry on the Mersey, I’ve now finally finished my project. I feel very proud of it because it’s my first work project and it is also written in English which is not my mother tongue.

I enjoyed the lively atmosphere of the office that helped me to feel less tired and the hard work of the research teams. I would say thanks to everyone especially Denise and Harry who managed me in the project, to have made my first month of work a beautiful experience.


Thanks for your help from everyone at DSC