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Coronavirus weekly funding updates - 15-19 November

Monday 15 November

Small Charities Challenge Fund is offering grants of up to £50,000 for 2 years to UK-registered organisations with an annual income of £250,000 or less that are working towards improving the lives of the most vulnerable and marginalised. They are currently prioritising applications that are addressing the long-term impacts of COVID-19. Applications must demonstrate how exactly they’ll achieve this. Deadline for applications is the 25th of February 2021. To apply and for more information, please visit the fund website.

Tuesday 16 November

Bupa Foundations Mental Health Sustainability Fund is offering grants of up to £5,000 to support organisations that have a helpline element. This refers to a service providing non-face-to-face advice, support and information via phone, email, text, SMS or online. In addition, organisations must have annual revenue of no mere than £250,000 in the last full year accounts to be eligible. The goal of the grant is to help charities with their sustainability at this stage in England’s pandemic response. Applicants must detail their helpline provisions and how they intend to support those with health inequalities exacerbated by Covid-19; such as minoritised communities (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic communities), LGBT+, children and young people, older people, new mothers, and those in contact with the criminal justice system etc. The Bupa Foundations will be accepting applications via their online application form. Deadline for applications is Friday 3rd December 2021. To read more information or to apply now, please visit the foundation website.


Thursday 18 November

The National Lottery Community Fund re-opens for applications on Thursday 25th November 2021. They are offering grants of up to £100,000 to help social enterprises rebuild from COVID-19. This fund is established in partnership by The National Lottery Community Fund and five social enterprise support agencies. To be eligible, your social enterprise must have been incorporated for at least a year and most of your beneficiaries should be in England. In addition, your annual income must have been between £20,000 and £1.8 million pre-COVID-19 or in your last financial year. The main aim of the fund is to reach the most marginalised communities and to promote inclusion. The fund aims to support social enterprises that are helping communities affected by COVID-19 to recover, and to help social enterprises themselves to recover and rebuild their trading. There is no current application deadline. To apply or to read more information, please visit the funds website


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