DSC consultation response: The Fundraising Regulator’s proposed registration fees and levy

In July 2016 the Fundraising Regulator began work and set about consulting charities on registration fees and fundraising levies. DSC responded requesting the regulator to clarify some fundamental questions

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Some of these questions relate to extremely basic issues which the Fundraising Regulator needs to answer, for example: what is fundraising?

It is quite unusual for an organisation to start with the question ‘how should we be funded?’ before having figured out what the need is, who will benefit and how, and how success can be measured. This is an exercise in putting the cart well before the horse. As a funding bid, this discussion paper wouldn’t make it past the initial screening.

In this response, DSC calls on the regulator to carefully consider the responses it receives in the consultation process and not to rush into anything without having addressed the questions raised.