Challenge yourself and others to spot the impact charities have on everyday life

This game is an eye-opener. There are tens of thousands charities at work in the picture below. Really, don’t believe us? Then we challenge you to play!


everyone benefits


How do I play?

  1. Download and print the picture (A3 is better if you can) or display on a big screen, by clicking on the picture above (8.72mb).
  2. Look at everything going on in the town – what in there could be the work of a charity?
  3. When you spot the work of a charity, write their name on a piece of paper and put it on the picture.
  4. When you think you’ve named them all, count them up, take a picture and tweet us @DSC_Charity with the hashtag #EverybodyBenefits.

Hint: charity can be seen and unseen!

What will I need?

  • An open mind
  • A printer, or a big screen
  • small pieces of paper and a pen (post-its work well)
  • A smart phone to send us your results! (or a camera and a computer if you’re not that advanced!)


What’s this all about?

There is not a single person in the UK who has not, or will not, benefit from the work of a charity. Charity is everywhere us but not always in the most visible way. Have you ever stopped in the street to look around at all the fantastic stuff going on around you that wouldn’t exist if it were not for a charity?


Our whole office played this last Christmas and here are the winners! Congratulations Justin and Suzanne!