'Grants are vital for local health economy' - NHS

Don't just take our word for it - the NHS sees grant funding as a vital for promoting people's health

Grants are literally good for your heath, here’s what the NHS says:

“Grant funding is a vital part of the funding mix within a local health economy as it enables commissioners to work with voluntary and community organisations (from small community organisations to larger national bodies) to respond to the needs of patients and the public and to target health inequalities.”

According to the NHS, grants…

  • Promote innovation in approaches to improving health and delivering services
  • Hear and amplify voices of people who are often marginalised
  • Provide local solutions specifically tailored to local problems and needs
  • Build capacity to develop more effective strategies
  • Engage the community better by making use of local knowledge
  • Make a bigger impact, through small grants, by attracting more funding, volunteers while being flexible enough to adapt to change

To read more about why the NHS thinks grants are good, download their their guide on grants for the voluntary sector here: