Great Grant Making Series: funding with proven results

We're putting the wonderful grant making charity the Lord's Taverners under the microscope and taking a look at funding with proven results.

Following on from our Olympics edition of the Great Grant Making Series, and in anticipation of the upcoming start of the Paralympics, we’re taking a look at funding with proven results via the brilliant work done by the Lord’s Taverners. The UK’s leading youth cricket and disability sports charity, the Taverners’ mission is to enable young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and those with disabilities to participate in and enjoy sport. The facilities, support and funds provided by the Taverners have proved successful; many of the GB Paralympians having been supported by them on their journey to the Games.

Who are they?

The Taverners started as a club, founded in 1950, with the money raised each year given to fund artificial cricket pitches. Since then it has developed into both a club and a charity with three fundraising groups: Lord’s Taverners, Lady Taverners and Young Lords Taverners, whose aim now is to support the sporting pursuits of young people. In 2015 the charity invested over £3 million into a range of programmes, facilities and equipment, to give more under 25s a sporting chance- of which at least a third went towards enabling those with disabilities to engage.

What causes do they support?

Although the Taverners have strong ties within the cricket community, they provide funding and support for a wide variety of other sports such as rugby, tennis, squash and boccia, in areas including disability and disadvantaged programmes, minibuses, play spaces, and sensory & specialist equipment. The charity’s programmes fall into two main categories of either cricket or disability and seek to:

  • increase opportunities for regular participation
  • motivate young people to engage in sport
  • improve health and psychological wellbeing
  • empower coaches, teachers and volunteers to deliver training sessions

Funding with proven results: Greenvale School

In October 2015, the Lord’s Taverners partnered with 100 Property Club to provide pupils at Greenvale School in Lewisham with a new playground. The school is Lewisham’s community special school for children and young people aged 11-19 who have severe and profound learning difficulties and/or physical and sensory disabilities. The new recreation space enables the children to interact and develop their learning skills, by allowing them to experience something they wouldn’t otherwise have access to nearby, reducing anxiety levels and improving functionality at school.

Fundraising tip 

When constructing an application to the Lord’s Taverners, consider that the trustees meet at least four times a year and therefore all applications should be submitted well before they convene. For detailed application instructions on separate programmes and to apply, visit their website.