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Great Grant Making Series: The Prince’s Trust

The Trust’s programmes give vulnerable young people the practical and financial support needed to stabilise their lives, helping them develop self-esteem and skills for work.

The great grant making series are aimed at spreading the word about some great trust and foundations our there. The Prince’s Trust helps disadvantaged young people get their lives on track and offers grants to help young people into education, training and employment.

Why is the Prince’s Trust included in our Great Grant Making Series?

The Prince’s trust is an ambitious and innovative organisation, constantly seeking new ways to provide even better support. The trust helps young people in the UK, covering: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The trust provides a range of programmes, and works with companies, including M&S, the NHS and Tesco, to help give young people the opportunity to gain work experience and get job specific skills.

What type of support do they offer?

The Prince’s trust aims to change the lives of young people, helping them to develop confidence, learn new skills and get practical and financial support. The following support is offered:

  • Development Awards – cash grants of between £50 and £500 are funded, to assist young people aged 14 to 25 to access education, training or employment. For example, previous awards have funded young people to buy essential equipment for college courses or pay for childcare enabling young mothers to access training.
  • Enterprise Programme – assists young people aged between 18 and 30 to start their own business through the provision of financial and mentoring support. The programme helps young people who are interested in self – employment. The focus of the programme is on supporting young people to choose and achieve the outcome which is best for them. It also helps those who believe they are ready to start a business to plan and test their ideas thoroughly, improving the quality of their propositions and therefore increasing their chances of success.
  • The Prince’s trust runs a range of programmes which provide young people with personal development, training and opportunities to help them move into work.

Find out how they helped Khiry

Khiry, 23 from Haringey, had to deal with the death of his mum at the age of 10, which affected his behaviour at school and led to depression. School wasn’t a great time for him, he was diagnosed with learning difficulties, including dyslexia and was coping with the loss of his mum. He was depressed, had few qualifications and felt unsupported by the people around him.

However after a visit to the Prince’s trust, Khiry spoke to a member of staff who signed him up for the fairbridge programme, the programme gives young people the chance to try new activities and learn new skills. Khiry received regular one-to-one support from staff at the centre which helped his confidence grow and slowly he started to trust people again.

Then an opportunity came up for Khiry to take part in a get into retail programme, in partnership with Tesco, which gives young people intensive training and experience in that sector. Khiry thrived on the course and impressed staff so much that he was offered a job. He now works at a local Tesco store and was recently awarded a permanent contract. He is also a young ambassador for the Prince’s Trust and he hopes to inspire more young people, like him, to achieve their goals.

The Prince’s Trust (2016)

Fundraising tip: information is key

The Prince’s trust provides plenty of easily accessible information to applicants on its website, such as FAQ’s and case studies of beneficiaries. Whoever you are applying to, it is well worth investing a little extra time to seek out and take on board all the information you can about the trust, its ethos and priorities.

As well as the essential information, you can gain real insight into a funders approach from other, less obvious details. What is its history? Who are the trustees? If you take the time to really do your research, you’ll gain a greater understanding of the trust.

How to get in touch

You can get in touch using the form available on the website and the trust will get back to you within five working days.  You can call the trust for free on 0800 842 842 or text ‘Call me’ to 07983 385418 and the trust will call you back within two working days.