Hmmm…something’s new

Well spotted! It’s our website. And it now incorporates our new brand, which you’ll have already seen in DSC e-news, and in our building if you’ve visited.

DSC's Marketing Director cuts the ribbon on the new DSC website

DSC’s Marketing Director cuts the ribbon on the new DSC website

I’m not going to bore you…

…with the journey we’ve been on to get here (and we’ve already told you about our new DSC brand); I’ll just tell you what it means to you, and how to get the best from the new website and quickly get what you need.

Navigation, navigation, navigation

We hope we’ve made this easier, with more ways to find what you need and maybe what you don’t yet know you need. If you’re used to our old website, it’s going to be different, but ultimately we think it’s going to give you more, and give you the help you need to help those you’re there for.

Explore by subject area

Our main menu options are now subject areas such as Fundraising, and Management and Leadership (rather than product lines such as Training and Publications). So if you’re looking for help in a particular area, you jump in by that subject area, and then you can explore all the different DSC offerings, including some great free articles and videos from our friends (that’s DSC trainers, authors, staff and external friends).

We’ve made it much easier to share those articles. So if you get a lot from one, share it with colleagues and friends across your preferred electronic and social media.

Or explore by product line if you really want, but you’ll miss out

You’ll see a smaller green menu at the top of the page showing DSC products, Funding websites, Publications, etc. So select Publications and you’ll see all the different publications on offer. And of course there’s always the search box or the A-Z product listings (both at the top of the website).

We’d very much encourage you to explore using the purple subject area menu – it will quickly open up a wider choice of options to help you.

Your old DSC website account will not work

Your existing DSC account will not work – sorry! But it only takes a second to register (top right of the page) and means we can provide you with a better service in the future.

What do you think?

We hope your website experience is smooth, flowing and productive! If for whatever reason you struggle, call our customer services team on 0207 697 4200.

And please let me know how you find the website. Email me with your experience, what you find useful, how easy is it to find things, what you like, and anything else you might like to see.


Richard, Director of Marketing DSC