Are you keen to share good practice with an Australian charity?

Western Chances is looking for overseas organisations who are providing the same or similar programs in order to share best practice and improve service delivery.

Given the celebrated charity work being carried out in the UK, it is an important country to begin our research.

Who is Western Chances?

Western Chances is an Australian not-for-profit organisation with a vision to see talented and motivated young people in Melbourne’s western suburbs achieve their full potential. To realise this vision, Western Chances provides merit-based scholarships and opportunity programs to young people with an identified talent and motivation to realise their potential but who face financial barriers to education. Since 2004, Western Chances has distributed over 3.4 million dollars in scholarship payments to support over 2,000 young people with life changing results.

What they do

Western Chances scholarships average at $900 and are tailored to meet each young person’s needs. Scholarships cover a wide range of items including, but not limited to, laptops, singing lessons, dance lessons, tutoring, text books and transport costs. To be eligible for a new scholarship, young people must be: nominated by a professional in a government school or community service organisation, aged between 12 and 25 years, reside within the six municipalities of Melbourne’s west, attend a government secondary school; and demonstrate financial disadvantage. Our commitment to renewing scholarships year-on-year from secondary to further education ensures long term impact as recipients pursue meaningful careers suited to their talents, interests and skills.

Who are their beneficiaries?

A powerful value add to Western Chances scholarships is that recipients are offered the opportunity to participate in free personal, educational and career development opportunities through our Links Program. Our education, community and business partners provide diverse and potentially life changing opportunities for recipients as they move from school to further education or work. We are also currently developing a unique alumni program.

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