The Lobbying Act & other measures: we need your views!

The Directory of Social Change is supporting research on the impact of the Lobbying Act, carried out by Sheila McKechnie Foundation (SMK). It might feel like the sector has been talking non-stop about the Act, but it’s important we have the most up-to-date evidence possible to inform our discussions with the Government and regulators.

As part of the project, SMK in partnership with DSC, is conducting an online survey. The aim is to collect the latest evidence of any impact on campaigning. The survey also asks about other factors, such as funding conditions or Charity Commission guidance.

You don’t need to be an expert. If you are involved in charity or voluntary sector campaigning, this survey is for you. The closing date is 30 April and all responses are completely anonymous.

A final report, including further evidence from a sector wide survey will be published in May. We really encourage you to take part – the more responses, the stronger the evidence and the better we can represent you.

Helpful links:

You can access the survey here:

Download DSC’s handy guide for campaigners on the Lobbying Act here:

DSC offers also an ‘Effective Campaigning and Lobbying’ course and a specific training on the Lobbying Act: What you need to know. More info here: