Local Charities Day: 16 December

We want to be part of this celebration by giving charities free resources to help them achieve their goals. Read on to know more.

Twitter video Q&A: what would you like to know about fundraising and the voluntary sector?

Do you have questions about fundraising? Or about the voluntary sector? Tweet to @DSC_Charity all your queries on the 16th – and include #DSCAnswers – from 12 to 1pm. Ben Wittenberg (Effective Fundraising author & DSC Director of Development and Delivery) and Ciaran Price (DSC Policy Officer) will be answering your questions with a video on Twitter.

Would you like to be more creative on your fundraising? Stephen Pidgeon tells you how

Top tips on communication

media skillsTop 5 tips for comms on a budget

If your budget is tight, it doesn’t mean your communications have to suffer. Get all the ideas and inspiration you need on creating brilliant comms when belts need to be tightened. Read more.

Interaction_2196 steps to more powerful copy

How do you engage people with your charity’s mission when there is so much content to be read on the web? These steps will grab the attention of existing supporters and potential new audiences. Read more.

Top tips on fundraising

Politics and policy in the voluntary sector

Charity finance

 shutterstock_288195125Ten things for trustees to think about

Kate Sayer shares a list of ten things, based on the PACAC report, which charity trustees should consider. Read more.

Small Charities Coalition

SCC helps small charities access skills, tools and relevant information. Their membership is free and you can get discounts on our publications, training and funding websites. Find out more here.