Satinder Pujji

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our dear colleague and friend, Satinder.

Satinder was DSC’s Finance Director for fifteen years. Without his help, expertise and wisdom during that time, DSC might not have survived. Not only was he a top-class, experienced accountant who knew the rules and regulations inside and out, he also had that quality of seasoned, calm judgement about DSC’s business which was such a rock for the rest of the managers, staff and trustees. We relied on his professional acumen hugely.

But to speak only of Satinder’s skills would be to do him a disservice. He was dedicated, empathetic, playful, humorous, and even cheeky. He made terrible ‘dad’ jokes and laughed at them – sometimes all by himself! He could be the life of the party – after our awards ceremonies, on staff away days, or at our Christmas buffet dinner get-togethers. We will remember fondly how he danced with us at his 60th birthday party, sharing the celebration with people he called ‘his family’.

Satinder brought on so many younger staff who learned from his decades of experience and advanced into further roles at DSC and elsewhere – he was a mentor, coach and teacher all in one – not just for finance staff but to many others outside his team. His calm advice and counsel coached many a manager through some tricky spots.

After a successful career in the private sector, Satinder found his home at DSC where he was at his happiest. He said it was because DSC put genuine friendliness, caring and values first, rather than simply the formulaic pursuit of profit at all costs. For him, DSC was a place where people cared about each other and about society – a place he found a home.

Satinder, thank you for all you did for DSC and everyone associated with it. We will miss you.