Sue Crockford

It is with deep sorrow that DSC heard of the passing of Sue Crockford. Sue served as a DSC trustee for around 30 years, finally standing down in 2010. Michael Norton, DSC founder, remembers Sue fondly – ‘Sue was an inspiring film-maker with a real flair for working with disadvantaged young people; she brought energy, enthusiasm and a sense of realism to DSC’.

DSC CEO, Debra Allcock Tyler said: ‘Sue was a great trustee for DSC. She kept us true to our core values; made sure that all the work that we did was delivered through the lens of how what we did would help those in need and was great fun in board meetings’.

Just one example of her many outstanding achievements during her life is that of being director and producer of the film “A Woman’s Place”, the first British film about the women’s liberation movement. The film documented the march of 4,000 women, men and children through London on International Women’s Day in 1971.

Sue is survived by two children and four grandchildren.

Read the Guardian Obituary here.

Photo of Sue by kind permission of ANTONIO OLMOS Photographer