DSC responds to regulator's social media consultation

Trustees and charity folk take note! The Charity Commission has been consulting on draft social media guidance for charities.

The guidance covers some relatively uncontentious things like having a social media policy and what that should contain, as well links to other relevant guidance. However other aspects are much more complicated and problematic, for example relating to trustee duties to ‘manage risk’ in this area, especially on ‘contentious issues’.

The guidelines have prompted a mixed reaction from communications professionals and trustees in the sector. Many believe some guidance from the Commission is necessary, however, others see it as potentially overloading trustees with an unworkable regulatory burden, or even a threat to free speech. Most agree that there’s still much more work to do to ensure this guidance is fit for purpose.

The consultation closes at 5pm TODAY, 14 March. You can review the draft guidance and complete the Charity Commission’s online survey to make your voice heard!


View DSC’s full response here


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