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Practical Project Management for voluntary organisations - out now!

The first book to address exactly what it is like to do project management in the social benefit sector. Elizabeth Gray-King gives her thoughts on the publication of this must-read book.

Here it is! Off the press and available from today! Quite a milestone and one I never knew would be on my own To-Do list. I’m delighted. What else to say? It’s the only book addressing what it is like to do project management in the social benefit sector (charities, social enterprises, constituted organisations, good causes). It focuses on positive changes made via heart-ful processes – so on the changes we want to make via processes which empower, not stifle.

According to Helen, my Foreword writer, it is an

‘essential addition to any modern organisation,’ ‘so that as many organisations and individuals are empowered to create the greatest impact they can for their beneficiaries.’

I wrote this for all the reasons Helen says and more. I heard story after story from delegates to my DSC Practical Project Management course that people were appointed to management roles for their passion for the work of their charity. They weren’t promoted or hired for their project skills and had to bring a variety of experience and will-power to help them turn their knowledge about their beneficiaries into practical processes to run projects to help them. Delegates felt frustrated, unprepared, and frankly, not helped by the usual corporate project management processes and training. A book needed to be situated firmly in this world of difference we inhabit.  So I agreed to do it. Here it is, steeped in our need to make a positive difference and to use some finely honed tools to help.

Order your copy of Practical Project Management for voluntary organisations here.


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