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Building a greater sense of community within your charity - Online course

This course will introduce you to the skills of community organising for charity leaders, and how these skills can be used in successful leadership and relationship building.

Duration: 2 hour Zoom course with break


People are at their best when they’re in relationship with each other. How can every aspect of organisational life become an opportunity for relationship-building, collaboration, teamwork – and high performance? This course will introduce you to the skills of community organising for charity leaders.

An organisation is only as strong as its people. Positive relationships between staff members, volunteers, service users and stakeholders lie at the heart of all successful charities. This session will introduce a powerful model of relational leadership, based on the tried and tested methods of community organising. We’ll think about our organisations as communities and learn how to build trusting, productive relationships by analysing our personal and organisational habits and behaviours.

Who should sign up?

Anyone who is responsible for leading people and building relationships with staff, volunteers or service users will find this course beneficial.

What will I get out of it?

  • Explore the importance of relationships in strong, high performing organisations
  • Start learning the skills of community organising and begin to see your charity as a community
  • Discover participatory, bottom-up models of leadership
  • Unpack the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation’s relationships and create an action plan for improvement
  • Analyse your own behaviour and practice in a safe space – where can you become a more effective, relational leader?

What will it cover?

  • Theories of community organising and relational leadership
  • Charities as communities: characteristics of relational organisations
  • Maximising interaction, one-to-ones, shared purpose and creative conflict
  • Relational and anti-relational behaviours in the workplace

Trainer: Dr Matt Plen

Training schedule

2 Hour Course 10.00 - 12.1516 Nov 2022

Booking options

Band A

Band A

Voluntary and community organisations with a turnover of up to £500,000.
Band B

Band B

Voluntary and community organisations with a turnover of over £500,000.
Band C

Band C

Statutory and commercial organisations.

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