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Building a successful organisation

What characterises a successful organisation? There are a number of components that come together to create such an entity.

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This workshop is the first in a series that explores different aspects of creating a successful and sustainable charity.

This workshop takes an overview of the organisation and suggests ways to approach the fundamentals of creating success

Half day course

The workshop will use examples and case studies to explore with you what needs to be implemented to create success. This workshop addresses issues for existing as well as new or potential charities. By ensuring that you have, or can change, the DNA fundamentals then the you have a better chance of remaining sustainable, creating and scaling changes and benefits and collectively be regarded as being successful.

Who should sign up?

This workshop is ideal for anyone in a senior position in a charity, trustees or anyone thinking of starting a charity or an organisation that creates social bvalue and benefits society.

What will I get out of it?

  • A better understanding of the characteristics of a successful organisation
  • Clarifying what you want to change, your vision for the change you want to make
  • Understanding the power and influence of values and value systems and using these to inspire a dedicated and supportive culture
  • Getting to grips with good governance and creating an effective and supportive Board
  • Understand how to communicate the value that you create and who it benefits so that you are better able to access funding, volunteers and other forms of support
  • Understand how to create a robust and responsive organisation

What will it cover?

  • The building blocks of a successful organisation
  • Defining and refining the problems you want to address and the change you want to create
  • Using vision and values as a powerful tool for engagement and support
  • Installing good governance and creating a flexible and responsive culture
  • Understanding the value you create, the benefits you bring and how to communicate these effectively to ensure better support and investment
  • How to scale activities and manage the risk of doing this
  • Future proofing the organisation


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Training schedule

Half day course 10.00 - 13.0022 Nov 2017

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