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Developing Training Skills - Online course

Does the idea of training a group fill you with fear? Do you worry you can't distil your knowledge into easily absorbable chunks?

This course date is no longer available. You can view the next date in November here.


Book included: Speed Read: Training Skills

4 x 3 hour sessions and 1 x one day session over 5 weeks

Online courses take place via Zoom and include a 30min refreshment break (10.00-13.30) and a lunch break for the one-day session (10.00-16.30).

No one was born a trainer and very few of us said “when I grow up I want to train for charities’ – and yet here we are! Training others is often a bit of our job that got ‘added in at some point’. Adding in some training skills development will be an invaluable investment for the future.

This course aims to give you a good grounding in how to design, deliver and evaluate training. You will be introduced to the key principles, skills, and qualities that make for effective training and importantly, an effective learning experience for participants.

Who should sign up?

Anyone who trains or will be required to train others as part of their role and wants some practical guidance on how to create and deliver short or long courses.

What is included in the course?

Theory session one: Learning and engagement

  • Identify what helps participants and audiences to engage and learn
  • Consider learning style preferences and the implications for both trainer and learner
  • Establish contextualised roles and responsibilities as trainer, presenter or facilitator

Theory session two: Planning and preparation

  • Explore approaches to planning and preparation for gathering content and building structure
  • Consider a range of methodologies and activities and the pros and cons of each
  • Consider factors in creating training materials for your participants

Theory session three:  Stand and deliver

  • Create a checklist for effective session management, before, during, and after
  • Explore ways to gain and demonstrate credibility and confidence
  • Practice creating effective facilitation questions to springboard, tunnel down, or funnel out

Theory session four:  Managing difficulties: What to do, what to be

  • Consider what can go wrong and possible trainer interventions
  • List challenging and helpful behaviours from participants and how to manage or maximise them
  • Look at case studies to establish what is required from our Trainer/Presenter or Facilitator role

Practice session one:  

During this day each participant will deliver their prepared practice session (about 10/15 minutes each). You will then reflect on and review your own learning as well as receive feedback from the trainer and co-participants.

The trainer will have worked with you during previous modules to ensure we all feel in a safe and comfortable space to deliver to our co-participants.

We will start the day with a review of the theory sessions, and finish the day with some Q&A time.

While this is often the most ‘nerve-inducing’ session, it is often the aspect participants find most useful.


Trainer: Cathy Shimmin

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Training schedule

Day one online 10.00 - 13.3017 Aug 2022
Day two online 10.00 - 13.3024 Aug 2022
Day three online 10.00-13.3031 Aug 2022
Day four online 10.00-13.307 Sep 2022
Day five online 10.00-16.3014 Sep 2022

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