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Fundraising Event Management

Fundraising events can be great fun, but they bring with them hard work and risk. How do you ensure your gala dinner, comedy night, fundraiser or conference goes off successfully?

Two Day Course

Book Included: The Complete Special Events Handbook

This introductory course will take you, step-by-step, through every aspect of successful event planning and execution, including how to avoid over-stressing.

With no prior experience, you’ll finish the course able to construct a reliable but flexible project plan, identify and mitigate risks, market the event, staff it correctly, ensure the right people come and – most important of all – that your event raises the funds you need and is great fun for all involved.

Who should sign up?

This is a beginner’s course, so would suit anyone new to fundraising. It will also benefit experienced fundraisers who would like to launch an event or improve their event management skills.

What will I get out of it?

  • Explore the various events you might launch, their benefits and risks, and which ones are most likely to work for your organisation.
  • Learn the principles behind event management: why people come, what they expect, how to keep them happy and how to ensure it rewards your organisation.
  • Ensure you’re also thinking about the paperwork: the legal obligations, risk assessments, tracking funds, TAX and VAT, and reporting income and expenditure.
  • Create a comprehensive check-list on the day that will help you with every event you plan into the future.

What will it cover?

  • Purpose, range and scope of fundraising events
  • Selecting dates and venues
  • Construct a plan, timeline and budget for an event
  • Communicate and manage an event
  • Marketing, promotion and sponsorship
  • Budgets: how to break-even or better, earn a return on your investment
  • Working with volunteers and celebrities
  • Project planning, checklists and event evaluation

“I would just like to say that this course really enlightened me about the fundamental aspects of events management which I had never thought about. I thoroughly enjoyed it!!”  Estelle-Maria Chambourd-Smith, STOLL

Trainer: Layla Moosavi

Training schedule

Day One 10.00 - 16.3020 Feb 2018
Day Two 10.00 - 16.3021 Feb 2018

Booking options

Band A

Band A

Voluntary and community organisations with a turnover of up to £500,000.
Band B

Band B

Voluntary and community organisations with a turnover of over £500,000.
Band C

Band C

Statutory and commercial organisations.

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