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It's a Battle on the Board - Online course

Wouldn't charity governance be so much easier if it wasn't for all of your fellow trustees?

One day online course

Online courses take place via Zoom and include a one hour lunch break as well as brief refreshment breaks.

Digital book (pdf) included: It’s a Battle on the Board

Why Come?

Well, apart from having the opportunity to hear from DSC CEO Debra Allcock Tyler, the author of the book, It’s a Battle on the Board, you will have structured but informal conversations with other Trustees and Senior Leaders about the challenges of working with others in a governance context.

Being a Trustee is both a privilege and, let’s face it, a pain. Never mind the paperwork and pressures of ultimate accountability – we have to work with other Trustees!  Herein, lie the battles. Conflict, difference and opposition in discussion should be welcomed in any collective and the same is true for Trusteeship. Just one problem – we’re dealing with other human beings. If you want to support your board to have the most productive relationships, so that your work and charity can flourish, this course will help.

Who should sign up?

While this course looks at things primarily from a Trustee perspective, meaning it is ideal for serving Trustees, it is also very useful for CEO’s and Senior Leaders who work closely with their Board and want to influence positive behaviours and working relationships

What will I get out of it?

  • Explore the relationship between the Board and the Executive and distinguish roles and responsibilities
  • Consider the different behaviours trustees and boards can fall in to
  • Reflect on people’s motivations and how we can appeal to or squash those motivations
  • Reflect on behaviours, our own and others, and how to handle
  • Have your most difficult trustee challenge questions answered – we’re pretty sure!
  • Assess your own and your boards (from your perspective) strengths and areas for improvement
  • Discuss and share common challenges with other trustees, CEO’s or senior leaders

What will it cover?

  • What they say about you and why you should still bother
  • Know Your Stuff: The Big Fat Trustee Team Quiz
  • Know Yourself and Others: Trustee Behaviours and Personal Communication Styles
  • Know Your Worth: Assessing how well you and your board are doing
  • Know How from the Frontline: Discussion and Q&A with Debra Allcock Tyler


Trainer: Cathy Shimmin

Guest: Debra Allcock Tyler, CEO of DSC and Trustee of In Kind Direct, Berkshire Community Foundations and numerous organisations previously

During our last session on the day, Debra will talk, without pulling any punches, about the unique, wonderful and challenging nature of the roles, responsibilities and relationship between the Exec and Non-Exec within charities. Bring your questions!

Training schedule

One day online course 10.00-15.3010 Feb 2022

Booking options

Band A

Band A

Voluntary and community organisations with a turnover of up to £500,000.
Band B

Band B

Voluntary and community organisations with a turnover of over £500,000.
Band C

Band C

Statutory and commercial organisations.

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