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Quick Wins for Improving your Website

Want to improve your website's impact, or its ranking on Google? The course will show you the tricks behind high-impact web content and e-newsletters. We'll explore award-winning sites, give you feedback on your site – and you can implement your improvements before the course ends.

One day course

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Book included: Speed Read: Writing for the Web

Our websites are essential – they are the place where clients and partners check us out and decide whether or not to work with us. So how is your website performing against competitors, and on Google?  Could it benefit from some quick fixes – or does it need an overhaul?

This course will give you some ‘quick wins’ to improve your website immediately – with implications for e-newsletters as well.

We delve into the essentials of writing web copy, and use examples and exercises to help you sharpen your web writing skills. There will also be an introduction to search engines, and some easy  ways to improve your website’s ranking.

We explore the lessons from award winning websites, and give you feedback on your own website, enabling you to make improvements before the day ends.

And finally, we give some handy tips to help with manging websites: the benefits of a style guide, best practice on accessibility, and other handy tips through the day.

Who should sign up?

Anyone involved in writing web copy, managing a website, or reviewing a website’s performance.

What will I get out of it?

  • Learn the essentials of good web writing, and the pitfalls to avoid.
  • Find out how to create high-impact and memorable content for readers.
  • Discover how to improve your website’s ranking on Google – through an introduction to search engine optimisation.
  • Learn tips for e-newsletters
  • Get tips for better management of your website.

 What will it cover?

  • Essentials differences of writing web copy, compared to print
  • 3 key principles of web writing – connection, scannability and navigation
  • Quick tips for improving your ranking on Google
  • Essential lessons from award-winning sites
  • Feedback on your own website
  • Do’s and don’ts of writing e-newsletters
  • Key writing skills: writing style, style guidelines and accessibility.

This date is no longer available, please see other dates below.

Training schedule

One day course 10.00 -16.307 Sep 2017

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