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Tools and Techniques for Problem-Solving & Decision Making

In any list of “skills of effective leaders and managers” this one comes pretty high.

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Effective problem-solving saves time and money, supports organisational learning and development, reduces stress and supports effective working relationships. What’s not to like?

Why come?

Does problem solving sometimes feel like fire-fighting? This course is for you. Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them.” So, we have to be a bit more creative in our thinking and look at problems in new ways. We can’t promise you’ll end up producing Einstein level results, but we guarantee creative and practical approaches to unravelling problems and finding solutions.

Who should sign up?

Anyone involved in decision-making or dealing with team or organisational challenges.

What will I get out of it?

You will:

  • Describe the decision-making process
  • Identify their personal decision-making style
  • List and use a range of approaches for analysing challenges and problems
  • Explore and use a range of creative decision-making tools and techniques for problem solving and making decisions within their team and organisation
  • Identify the difficulties of making decisions during change and how these may be overcome
  • What does it cover:
  • Blocks to effective decision-making
  • Creative approaches to unravelling problems
  • Decision simplification techniques
  • Peer to peer practice and feedback

Trainer: Cathy Shimmin

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Training schedule

10.00 - 16.3011 Dec 2019

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