Great Giving Award

DSC Social Change Awards celebrate the passionate individuals and effective organisations committed to making a positive impact on society.

About the Award

This award is for funders (trusts, foundations, companies, etc.) that demonstrate a clear understanding of their beneficiaries and the funding environment. The funder will be able to demonstrate that they apply and use that understanding to inform and improve grant making by giving clear guidance and support. The funder shows a willingness to work with applicant to address concerns and demonstrate a response to changing needs in the wider environment.






Vision Foundation (Previously The Greater London Fund for the Blind)

The Greater London Fund for the Blind (GLFB) raises vital funds to support a wide range of services for people with sight loss – delivered at the local level by grantee charities. With around 200,000 people impacted by sight loss in London, the requests for specialist support assistance are growing. For many of these individuals, sight loss brings isolation, vulnerability and lack of independence. The GLFB, together with its grantees, is working to change this.

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Safer Kent

Celebrating their 20th Birthday, Safer Kent is a registered charity who have awarded grants of over £1 million to Community Safety /Crime Reduction programmes in Kent and Medway, with amny awards helping programmes become self funding charities in their own right and making a Safer Kent for all.

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Maurice and Hilda Laing Charitable Trust

Relief of poverty overseas, predominantly through Christian organisations working in the low income countries of Sub-Saharan Africa. We place emphasis on projects which seek to help: street children improve educational opportunities build sustainable livelihoods improve the lives of people with disabilities In all areas the Trustees are looking to support inspirational leaders backed by charities with strong management and projects which are sustainable and replicable.

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