Influencer Award

DSC Social Change Awards celebrate the passionate individuals and effective organisations committed to making a positive impact on society.

About the Award

There are those individuals who know which buttons to press to make things happen, from campaigning for a change in law to bringing together different groups to achieve what might have seemed impossible. We want to acknowledge the determination and hard work required to communicate clearly, put forth a persuasive argument and win people over to bring about positive change.






Sally Callow

Sally has been working tirelessly for some 15 years, despite being an ME sufferer herself and able to function for limited periods of time, to raise awareness of this debilitating and crippling illness, which affects many thousands of patients and which is subject to many myths and prejudices. Through online advocacy, using websites, text and video blogs, twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms, Sally has fought to gain recognition of the disease and to correct the misinformation that has had detrimental impact on the lives of sufferers throughout the UK and internationally.

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Marsha McAdam

Marsha McAdam is a remarkable and formidable woman who is continually driven and determined in her commitment to bring about positive change within the mental health sector. She has a diagnosed borderline personality disorder and endures a range of significant physical health issues that have a dramatic effect on her daily life. Life is a constant daily battle for her, and she admits that a life with such complications could have easily led her to lead the life of a recluse. Things changed after she received life-changing mentalization based therapy (MBT). With support and the recognition of those working with her, Marsha embarked on a venture to bring about positive change to both physical and mental healthcare.

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