Personal development

Mastering Time Management - Online course

For staff at all levels, learn the fundamentals of time management to make you more productive, more effective and more successful.

One day online course

Online courses take place via Zoom and include a one hour lunch break as well as brief refreshment breaks.

Digital book (pdf) included: Speed Read: Time Management

I love deadlines; I love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by…’ Sound familiar?

If you identify with Douglas Adams (of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fame), this course is for you.

It’ll teach you everything you need to know to make that whooshing noise a small squeak that rarely happens because you do what needs doing – on time. You’ll learn the fundamentals of time management to make yourself more productive, more effective and more successful.

Who should sign up?

Anyone who wants to improve how they manage their time, develop strategies to manage their time better, and get on top of their workload.

What will I get out of it?

  • Recognise your own time management habits.
  • Be able to use tools/techniques to manage your time better.
  • Develop strategies to gain control of your own time.
  • Put together an action plan to build on what you learn on the course.

What will it cover?

  • Understanding reasons for poor time management
  • Tools/techniques to help analyse tasks and where time is spent
  • Tools/techniques to help plan, prioritise and manage tasks effectively
  • Understanding procrastination and how to overcome it
  • Identification of time stealers/wasters (interruptions, administration/filing, lack of assertiveness etc.) and solutions for how to manage them
  • Action plan for dealing with time management

Trainer: Eileen Browne