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Managing Your Inbox - Online course

Learn how to quickly and efficiently use your inbox.

Two-hour online session

Online courses take place via Zoom.

Includes PDF copy of Speed Read: Managing your Inbox.

In this online course you will learn how to master your inbox, helping you to achieve stress-free productivity. We have more communication tools at our fingertips than ever before and finding the right tool for the right message can be difficult. How you use emails will impact the effectiveness of your communication.

You will learn how to quickly and efficiently use your inbox to action tasks and store material that needs to be referenced in the future. We will also explore other communication tools and how we can prioritise those communication tools for increased productivity.

Who should sign up?

For anybody that is dealing with a busy inbox and is looking to free up some time or for anybody looking to sharpen their communication skills. An organised inbox is the key to organised communication and productivity, allowing you to focus on those important tasks.

What will I get out of it?

  • Learn about the role e-mails play in communication
  • Explore how to prioritise different communication channels
  • Tips that will help you store important emails accurately

What will it cover?

  • Creating a clear inbox process
  • Helping others to understand your communication priority
  • Using the folder system effectively
  • Actioning content from the inbox

What delegates said

‘Who would have known that a session on managing my inbox could leave me feeling so inspired!’

Sam Price CEO of Extratime

Trainer: George Knight

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