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Capital Campaigns

This down-to-earth guide will help you raise funds for capital works: buildings, repairs, land acquisitions

Trusts and supporters love to fund your life-changing, high profile work. But what do you do when the roof is caving in?

This down-to-earth guide will help you raise funds for capital works: buildings, repairs, land acquisitions. They don’t sound very inspiring, but capital projects are often future-proof profitable assets that benefit you in the longer-term.

This guide shows how specialist, specifically targeted fundraising campaigns can radically improve your chance of success of winning funding for a capital project.

Learn strategies and tools to improve your chance of success in this less glamorous – though no less important – form of fundraising.

Who should buy this book?

This is a guide for chief executives, fundraisers and the trustees who support them, to understand the importance of investing in capital projects.

Consultants and fundraising specialists will also find it adds a new and vital dimension to the advice services they are able to offer charity clients.

What does it cover?

The author first defines what a capital campaign is, before going through each stage of its preparation and execution, including:

  • How to decide when is the best time to launch your campaign.
  • The key goals you should set, and how to meet them.
  • How to draw up a realistic and effective capital fundraising plan.
  • Why you should celebrate and show off your new capital asset, increasing its visibility and future value.

‘From deciding if the conditions are right for your organisation to embark on a capital appeal to helping you manage expectations in the long term, this book offers clear and practical guidance.’

Gill Jolly, Achieve Consultants

Look inside

Have a look inside Capital Campaigns.

About the author

Trudy Hayden

Trudy Hayden was Senior Director of Foundation and Government Support at the American Museum of Natural History. Previously she also worked as Deputy Director of the Campaign a the New York Public Library and as Director of Foundation Relations at the Natural Resources Council.

Since her retirement Trudy has worked as a fundraising and campaign planning consultant in the US and UK and trains on fundraising for the Directory of Social Change. She is author of Capital Campaigns in Directory of Social Change’s Fundraising Series.

Find out more about the Fundraising Series here

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