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How to Win Campaigns

A practical guide for creating and running successful campaigns.

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This guide explores what works (and what doesn’t) and shows how to use principles and strategy in campaigning as a new form of public politics.

Applicable to any issue and from any point of view, the book’s key steps and tools provide models of motivation, analysis and communication structure.

This fully revised and updated second edition includes the following new features:

  • Campaign master planner
  • Political checklist
  • Motivational values and behavior change
  • Campaigning and the climate issue
  • Dealing with disasters or emergencies
  • Brainstorming, being interesting, visual narratives, using celebrities
  • A strategy for values, behavior, politics and opinion
  • Tame and wicked problems
  • How to tell it you are winning
  • New case studies: new media and the Obama campaign, the smoking ban, chemicals and health and greening Apple computers

‘Chris Rose is one of the UK’s most successful campaigners, and his vast experience is brought together in this outstanding practical guide. If you believe there is a problem that needs to be fixed, then How to Win Campaigns is a vital resource.’

Tony Juniper, writer and campaigner


‘In a society where individual voices are silenced so the powerful are heard, the idea that campaigning is about having an effective conversation with society is a radical one. This book is necessary reading and will empower people to campaign for the right to campaign.’

Ho, Wai Chi, ex-Executive Director of Greenpeace China


‘The definitive guide to the campaigner’s arts, a magisterial A to Z of how to win hearts and minds. Those without the time to read it from cover to cover will still find plenty to intrigue and enlighten them. The book should also be required reading in City boardrooms, if Rose’s potential targets want to know what’s heading their way’

Alex Kirby, BBC


About the author

Chris Rose

Chris is an environmental campaigner and communications consultant who is author of the Campaign Strategy Newsletter, has worked for Greenpeace, where he was a leader of the successful campaign that stopped the sinking of the Brent Spar oil platform in the north Atlantic, Friends of the Earth, WWF International and a host of other organizations on issues from drugs strategy to fear of crime.

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