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Speed Read: Campaigning

This book is a short introduction to campaigning aimed at those who have little or no experience of the subject and who want a quick grounding in the territory.

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Campaigning in a charity context can mean many different things to different people. It could be about persuading politicians to adopt a particular policy line, or change or pass a law. It may mean representing people’s needs to decision-makers and influencing government officials or institutions. Whatever form it takes, it can be a powerful activity, but you need to get the basics right.

Who should buy this book?

This guide is for people with little or no experience of campaigning who want to understand the key terminology and be inspired to make an impact.


‘However experienced you are in charity campaigning, and especially if you’re about to embark on it for the first time, this easy-read guide can give you the confidence to understand the different options, methods and considerations in putting your campaign ideas into action. Essential reading for everyone who wants to get involved in changing the world.’

Kathy Evans, charity campaigner and former CEO of Children England 


‘There are a million ways to campaign – but your greatest chance of success is laying strong foundations. This is a great starting point for any charity campaigner, leader, or trustee who wants to make sure they’ve considered all the key aspects. And so succinct!’

Chloe Hardy, Director of Policy & Communications, Sheila McKechnie Foundation

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About the author

Jay Kennedy

Jay Kennedy is Director of Policy and Research at the Directory of Social Change (DSC), often representing DSC in the media and at various forums, networks and events. He also leads the team that researches funding information for DSC’s well-known funding guides and website.

Jay has held a number of different roles since joining DSC in 2003, including researching government funding for charities and project managing one of DSC’s fundraising websites.  For over a decade, Jay has led DSC’s campaigns and efforts to influence government policy to benefit the charity sector, often working with many other organisations and individuals to get results.


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