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Storytelling Can Change the World

If you want to get someone's attention and get them to take action, you need to learn to tell good stories.

This book argues we are hardwired to enjoy good storytelling. You can use this to your charity’s advantage to get your message across and the donations coming in.

It covers how to create compelling characters, keep your audiences engaged and drive them towards the conclusion you want.

Who should buy this book?

All charity communicators, from chief executives to trainers and fundraisers will benefit from this book.

Knowing the power of good stories is central to any charity role, so everyone should read this book at least once to be more effective in their role.

What does it cover?

Stories engage us easily and excite our curiosity. You can use the simple techniques in this book to:

  • Tell your audiences new things about your charity’s work.
  • Engage your audiences emotionally.
  • Generate funds and support.
  • Dozens of examples to give you inspiration.

‘To hell with statistics, policy pronouncements and self-absorbed institutional tripe. The world needs stories, transformational stories that move audiences to action that can change the world. This book shows us how.’

Roger Craver, The Agitator


‘Full of gems, this book renewed my zest and enthusiasm to become not just a better writer and storyteller but a transformational writer, a transformational storyteller, who will go on to change the world.’

Mary Stringer, Communications officer and writer


‘Ken’s book is a masterpiece of writing. How to tell stories that will change the world. I was moved to tears, and laughed out loud.’

Giles Pegram CBE


‘If you’re a member of any organization interested in ramping up fundraising efforts, let this book be your holy grail. Read it and then promptly pass it on to your board, your volunteers, and even your janitor to hammer home the importance of your stories. Once they read this, they’ll get it. And then your team of storytellers can go forth and be agents of change for your organization.’

Pamela Grow, The Grow Report

Look inside

Have a look inside Storytelling Can Change the World.

About the author

Ken Burnett

Ken Burnett is an author, lecturer and consultant on fundraising, marketing and communications for nonprofit organisations worldwide. Ken was UK director of ActionAid and later director of fundraising and communications when in 1983 he founded the influential Burnett Associates agency, the first company of its type in Europe and which still continues as Burnett Works agency. Ken is now a partner with Alan Clayton in the transformational development consultancy Revolutionise and works with fundraisers worldwide to build and develop SOFII, the Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration.

Ken has served on several non-profit boards including 13 years as a trustee of the ActionAid. He is a former vice chair of The UK’s Institute of Fundraising and is a former trustee of BookAid International and the International Fund Raising Group (now The Resource Alliance). Ken is a fellow of the Institute of Fundraising and an honorary fellow of the Institute of Direct Marketing.

Ken is author of the worldwide best seller Relationship Fundraising and several other publications including How to Produce Inspiring Annual Reports (with Karin Weatherup), and The Zen of Fundraising. Towards the end of 2014 published Storytelling can change the world.

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