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The Guide to UK Company Giving 2021/22

The leading guide which includes details of over 400 companies and nearly 170 associated corporate charities in the UK that support community and voluntary organisations. The guide gives advice on how to develop a successful corporate partnership or sponsorship agreement, what to be aware of when seeking company support and how to apply.

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How can you maximise your chances of winning corporate support in the UK? You need to know which companies give, why they give, what their criteria are and how to ask in the right way. Offering insight into over400 companies that collectively contribute around £500 million in the UK in cash donations and in-kind support, The Guide to UK Company Giving helps you to do just that.

What does it cover?

The guide includes details on companies’ giving strategies and advice on how to identify those companies most likely to support your organisation. It also contains a full description of each company’s community activities and a separate section on nearly 170 corporate grant-making charities which together gave over £263 million. Each entry includes an at-a-glance profile, outlining:

  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) information
  • Levels of giving in the UK and whether in cash or in-kind
  • Partnerships, including Charity of the Year
  • Matched funding and payroll giving
  • Pro bono work
  • Commercially led support, including sponsorship

Who is this book for?

Both voluntary organisations seeking support from corporates and companies looking to develop their community giving strategy should own this indispensable guide. Research organisations and individuals investigating UK corporate giving and CSR will also need this key resource.

Previous edition:

‘This guide is a brilliant and invaluable resource for charities and companies alike. Looking at it, I feel more confident than ever that the chorus of responsible businesses is on the brink of becoming a roar. I hope that – like me – you can’t wait to hear it.’

Amanda Mackenzie OBE Chief Executive, Business in the Community [from the foreword, 12th edition]


‘This book has been an invaluable starting point to help pinpoint prospects and refine our prospect list. It has helped to improve the quality of prospect research and significantly reduced the amount of time spent on it.’

Suzanne Smith, New Business Lead, London’s Air Ambulance Charity


‘A simple-to-use guide to make company giving easier. Bringing together information about a range of companies in one place, it helps support charities in working towards strategic fundraising. For us, it allows fundraisers to understand who we are, how we give and how best to approach us. A must-read for any fundraisers!’

Andy Rubin, Chair, Pentland Brands Limited

About the author

Ian Pembridge

Ian joined Directory of Social Change (DSC) as a volunteer in April 2014 before becoming a full-time member of the team later that year. He has authored numerous publications including The Guide to Major Trusts, The Guide to New Trusts and The Directory of Grant Making Trusts. He has also been involved in a variety of other research projects including the Sector Insight: UK Grant-making Trusts and Foundations and reports on armed forces charities.

He has a BA (Hons) in Politics and International Business from the University of Liverpool and has over five years’ experience working in the financial services industry. His current areas of interest are social investment and corporate foundations.


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