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Armed Forces Charities Registered in Scotland

In 2014, the charity Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT) commissioned the Directory of Social Change (DSC) to undertake a unique project, with the aim of gaining a comprehensive understanding the UK armed forces charity sector.

The project included a large-scale overview and analysis of Armed Forces charities in the UK, along with an accompanying online resource. The project remains the most in-depth exploration of the forces charity sector; informing policy, charity work, and providing a unifying evidence base on which the sector continues to develop.

When the initial project was commissioned, the level of information on forces charities registered in Scotland was not publically available to the same extent as for England and Wales. DSC and FiMT concluded that further research was necessary, and that the Scottish charity sector should have its own dedicated armed forces report, utilising bespoke data gathering and analysis methods to provide a definitive outline of forces charities registered in Scotland .

We are now pleased to announce that through the continued support of FiMT, DSC will produce ‘Sector Insight, Armed Forces Charities Registered in Scotland : An Overview and Analysis’, a report focused specifically on Scotland.

In order to provide a complete representation of the forces charities registered in Scotland, DSC will be gathering information form a number of sources. In the first instance, data will be provided by OSCR and following this, armed forces charities registered in Scotland will be contacted and asked to provide their annual reports including their charity’s accounts. This information is key to the project and requires the collective engagement of all forces charities that are registered in Scotland.

Alongside the quantitative data, we also want to gather first-hand information on the experiences of forces charities in Scotland. To that end, in 2016, forces charities in Scotland will receive a questionnaire from which DSC can gain a unique perspective on the Scottish forces charity community. The Scottish Sector Insight report will be published in summer/autumn 2016, and we invite you to visit our dedicated webpage www.dsc.org.uk/armedforces to keep up to date with news from the project.

Our aim is that the Sector Insight report on Scottish registered armed forces Charities, will help inform Scotland’s policy and charity work and in turn help beneficiaries of Scottish forces charities. The Sector Insight reports will form a body of work which illuminates Britain’s armed forces charity sector through unique evidence, extensive knowledge and insightful analysis.

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