Conference FAQs

All you need to help you.

General Support

  • If you need any support with logging into any of the sessions, please contact

Attending conference sessions on Zoom

  • The majority of sessions will be run as Zoom meetings. You will have a chance to switch on your camera and microphone and participate actively (if you wish to do so). Please do make sure you stay on mute during those sessions if you don’t intend to talk.
  • Please note that as most sessions are recorded, you will be on the recording if you choose to actively participate (talk via microphone). Some of the sessions will stop the recording at the point where the Q&A part starts. This will be made clear to all delegates during the session.
  • A few plenary sessions will be run as Zoom webinars. You won’t be able to switch on your camera and microphone during those sessions, but you can still participate via the Chat and Q&A functions.
  • The Zoom rooms for the conference sessions will open a few minutes before the actual session start. If you log in much earlier, you will find yourself in a ‘Waiting Room’ which will automatically lead you into the Zoom room once the session starts.
  • We’ll aim to start sessions on time to keep to the tight conference schedule. But we also know how it is with kids, dogs and deliveries while working from home, so please don’t worry if you’re a minute or two late. Please kindly double check you’re on mute as soon as you’ve joined the meeting though, so your arrival isn’t disruptive to the session.

Breakout sessions

  • Where there are several sessions running at the same time, please choose to attend one of the sessions live. You don’t need to choose your session in advance and you don’t need to let us know. Just find the login details in the Zoom link section of the Online Resources Hub and log in.
  • Nearly all sessions will be recorded and available to be viewed on catch-up later on (available from next week).
  • Please note that the recordings of the sessions might not include the Q&A part.
  • For most sessions, you will be able to download additional materials such as the presentation slides or handouts from the Online Resources Hub after the event (available from next week).

We’d love to hear your feedback!

  • At the end of each session when the Zoom window closes, a pop up feedback form should appear in your browser. Please provide us with feedback on the session you’ve just attended as it will help us improve the event in future years.
  • Please also feel free to provide any additional feedback you may have to: