Trustees self-assessment exercise

Trustees are encouraged to regularly assess their performance as a board. This tool will help.


Click the image to download the exercise sheet

Good governance is key to a well-run charity. It’s recommended, by the Charity Commission and just about everybody else, that trustee boards regularly assess their effectiveness. This tool will help your board ask itself some tough questions and will help you get a better idea of how to be even better at what you do.

How to use the tool:

The Good Governance Self-Assessment exercise is a great thing to do with your trustees at their away day. You will need one exercise sheet per trustee (printed on A4) and one additional exercise sheet (A3 is preferrable) on which to combine everyone’s answers.

  1. Each trustee fills out the form quickly and honestly, without overthinking any one question.
  2. Then taking one question at a time, the trustees give their responses and these are recorded and combined on the extra sheet to give a good overall picture of how the trustees are thinking.
  3. As a group you can then discuss any concern and necessary actions that emerge.