Directory of Social Change Staff

Debra Allcock Tyler

Chief Executive

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Debra has worked in the charitable and voluntary sector for over 30 years. Amongst numerous other roles, she is Vice President of the Soldiering On Through Life Trust Awards and co-chairs the judging panel with the General the Lord Dannatt. She is a Trustee of In Kind Direct, one of the Prince's Foundation Charities, and a trustee of the Berkshire Community Foundation. She is also an Africa Advocacy Foundation Ambassador for women and girls at risk of or affected by Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). She has served as a trustee of several charities including being the co-founder of the Small Charities Coalition and was its first Chair. She served on the Charity Commission's SORP committee for over 7 years and was the Vice-Chair of Governors of Whiteknights primary school for 6 years.

She is a renowned public speaker with many years' experience of training and coaching and internationally published author of several books on management and leadership including It's Tough at the Top; The Pleasure and the Pain; It's Murder in Management and It's a Battle on the Board. Debra has a regular monthly column in Third Sector magazine and has appeared on Radio 4's The Moral Maze.

Bronwen Edwards

Executive Office Manager

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Bronwen joined DSC in 2017 and is responsible for Facilities, Personnel, the Executive Office and managing the Trustees.

Bron's favourite thing about DSC is working closely with those who want to impact and influence positive change for society. 

Sulamith Waldmeier

Head of Training and Customer Services

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Sulamith joined DSC in the summer of 2019 as Head of Training and Events. She has since additionally become accountable for managing the Customer Service function.

George Knight

Training Consultant

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George joined DSC at the beginning of 2017 and, having previously led the sales and customer service teams, moved into the training arena at the start of 2020.

The favourite part of his role is knowing that the work we perform has a major impact on both the charities and individuals that we are able to serve.

Jane Altmann

Customer Services and Sales Coordinator

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Jane joined DSC at the beginning of 2018 and deals with customer service enquiries, as well as welcoming delegates who are attending Training and meeting visitors coming to our Bookshop.

The aspect of her role which Jane enjoys most is helping the wide range of interesting charities which we work to find the right information or support.

Gwen Barnes

Customer Services and Sales Coordinator

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Joined DSC June 2016 and she deals with the daily processes of subscription website memberships, publication orders and course bookings. She is also responsible for the visual merchandising of DSC's bookshop. 

Gwen enjoys the challenge of resolving customer queries.

Cathy Shimmin

Senior Training Consultant

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Cathy has been at DSC for 20 years, in a variety of roles. With over 30 years experience in learning and organisational development, Cathy continues to ensure our customers have the best resources to carry out their work and help their beneficiaries.

The best thing for Cathy about working with DSC is knowing that the quality of products and services we provide to charities makes a difference on the front line.

Eileen Browne 

Training Consultant

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Eileen joined DSC in January 2018, and having worked within the commercial teams in charities and social enterprises brings a wealth of experience of working in the 3rd sector.

Eileen enjoys being part of a team that is genuine, professional and totally committed to building sustainable charities with well trained, confident trustees, employees and volunteers.

Louca Szpytko


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Louca joined DSC in 2014 as a Facilities Assistant in the Dining area of the site at Stephenson Way, he continued to support DSC when we moved to Holloway Road and helps with various office administration tasks.

Loucas' favourite thing about working for DSC is the team he is working for/with, and the routine of being involved in something great and challenging. He enjoys the atmosphere of mutual respect and appreciation, and where everybody’s input is welcome.

Yvonne Coleman

Director of Finance and IT

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Yvonne joined DSC as the Head of Finance in 2019. She is a Chartered Accountant and a member of the ACCA and has specialized in audit and charity accounting for a number of years.

She is responsible for managing, leading and providing support to the Finance team, as well as providing and managing accounting, financial reporting and internal control functions within DSC.

Senn Ndugbu

Finance Officer

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Senn joined DSC in 2019, and his responsibilities include credit control and assisting with the management accounts, financial reporting and internal control functions. Senn loves the fast-paced, dynamic environment of DSC and its collaborative, open and positive culture.

Annette Hutchinson

Senior Accounts Assistant

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Annette’s main role is to make sure monthly figures are compiled and to support the accounts department.

She enjoys working for DSC as ‘it’s all team work’.

Annette Lewis

Director of Sales and Services

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Annette joined DSC in 2007 and has held a number of positions in, Customer Service, Training, Events and Development.  Annette has overall responsibility for Training and Events, Customer Service and Sales,

Her favourite thing about working at DSC is "supporting my direct reports to be the best managers they can be". 

John Martin


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John has worked in publishing since 1986 including spells in medical publishing and TV-tie publishing. As Publisher at DSC, he takes pleasure in creating print and digital books that add real value for the sector.

Gabi Zagnojute

Editorial Manager

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Gabi joined DSC in 2014 as a volunteer and went on to work with us full time.

Although she left her role a couple of years later, she never lost touch with DSC and in 2019 happily returned to look after DSC publications.

Gabi enjoys being part of the charitable sector and helping charities be better at the great things they do.

Justin Martin

Head of Marketing

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Justin has been at DSC since 2011. He is responsible for building and delivering the marketing budget and strategy.

One of Justin's favourite things about working at DSC is he gets to find out more about all the charities out there doing amazing work.

José Blázquez

Marketing & Product Development Manager

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José joined DSC in 2016 and is responsible for creating, development and implementation of marketing plans for publications and funding websites.

José likes being part of creating products that help charities to help their beneficiaries.

Kate Griffith


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Kate has been at DSC since 1994. She is the designer at DSC and does everything that is visual, from book covers to brochures.

The thing Kate loves about working at DSC is that she gets to be creative in so many different ways and seeing how we reach the people that use and benefit from our services.

Jay Kennedy

Director of Policy and Research

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Since starting as a Researcher in DSC's Liverpool Office in 2003, Jay has had several roles in research, policy and as a media spokesperson. He loves the buzz of big ideas and debates about policy, public affairs, research, campaigning, politics and social issues generally.

Jay's favourite thing about DSC is connecting with the awesome people in our charity sector, learning about what they do, and building relationships that make things happen. You might come across Jay's quotes in the sector press, his tweeted blogs and opinions, or as a speaker, chair and panellist at events.

Tom Traynor

Head of Research

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"Since joining DSC in 2001, Tom has researched and authored numerous publications and reports. As Head of Research, he is responsible for delivering DSC’s research strategy, developing research partnerships with funders and other research organisations and leads our Sector Insight and bespoke research projects. Tom’s favourite things about working at DSC are discovering the fascinating history of charities and foundations, helping charities be more effective through research and working with a passionate and committed team that puts our beneficiaries and customers at the heart of everything that we do.

He has a BA (Hons) in Literature and Media and Cultural Studies from Liverpool John Moores University and an MA in Research Methods in Sociology and Social Policy from the University of Liverpool. He has been a trustee of a local arts organisation, has volunteered for an educational charity and a community media project and has also been a grants assessor for a community foundation."

Stuart Cole

Research Manager

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Stuart manages DSC’s Armed Forces Charities project, and since joining DSC in 2015, he has provided research and consultancy to charities which support the armed forces community.

Stuart has co-authored all of DSC's Focus On: Armed Forces Charities’ series which explore topical areas of charitable provision. Stuart’s research interests also involve the application of methods to measure and evaluate charity sector projects for stakeholders and service users.

Stuart's favourite thing about working at DSC is sharing our research and seeing it used to influence social change.  

Ian Pembridge

Senior Researcher

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Ian joined DSC in 2014 and works on DSC's funding guides and websites.

Ian's favourite thing about working at DSC is helping smaller charities find funding.

Rhiannon Doherty

Senior Researcher

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Rhiannon joined DSC in 2017 and works on DSC's armed forces charities research. 

Rhiannon's favourite thing about working at DSC is using data to tell a story and affect positive social change. 

Non Frenguelli


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Non joined DSC in March 2020 to work on the armed forces charities research and during the Coronavirus pandemic has been working on DSC’s Coronavirus funding guides and website.

Non’s favourite thing about working at DSC has been helping charities find funding during the Coronavirus crisis.

Louise McTigue


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Louise joined DSC in March 2020 and has been helping to identify new funding sources for charities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Her favourite thing about working at DSC has been seeing how quickly and collaboratively charities have acted to help their beneficiaries in times of crisis – and being a part of that.