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Charity Accountants' Conference session sneak peak

Sneak peak of a Charity Accountants' Conference session

What is social investment and why is it so important?

Social investment is the provision of money with the explicit expectation, and measurement, of a social as well as financial return.  In recent years, social investment around the world has been growing.  The UK government has done much to stimulate this market, and more UK charities have benefited from social investment on their journey to scaling their operations or working in new ways.  But is it right for you? What are the risks? And what do you have to do to get it?

This workshop, led by Charlie Pushman of Social Finance Limited, will provide an introduction to so the social investment market: What it is, Why and when an organisation should consider social investment, the process for raising social investment, and an overview of the support available to VCSE’s to help them become ‘investment ready’.

Social Finance is a not-for-profit organisation that partners with government, the social sector, and the financial community to develop more effective and sustainable partnership responses to address social problems.  Founded in 2007, Social Finance is the leading social investment financial intermediary in the UK and has mobilised over £110m in investment for charities and social enterprises.

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